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Correct Score

Filed under Uncategorized by Tobias on 12-03-2013

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So i got an email about something quite interesting about betting on a correct score during a game.

Ill post the msg here…

Please NoteYou will need to have at least £75 sitting in your betting account and even then, two losing bets and you will wipe your whole bank out. 

I know, it’s not sounding particularly positive, but the thing is… It’s profiting and ultimately, that’s what you want from a football betting system. PROFIT! So let’s get to it, let’s look at why this system is just BONKERS but also why you should go onto try it.

Lay the Correct Score System

So here comes the system for how you can go about laying the correct score… It’s a simple system and it’s working pretty well. Yes, you’ll need to hit a strike rate of 96.5% or thereabouts in order to see a profit, BUT from looking at previous results, we have seen strike rates of 98% upwards.

1. Go to a football game that is currently in play, wait for the 85th minute. DO NOT wait until any sooner than the 85th minute.

2. Now go to the correct score market and lay the scoreline that is 2 goals more than the current scoreline to the team that has NOT scored so far. What this means is that if the score line is 1-0 then you would lay 2-1 to the team that HAS NOT scored yet. Here’s an example of a lay bet we had to place:

Lay the Correct Score

That’s it! The odds will generally be around the 20.0 to 30.0 mark which therefore means you will be laying at HUGE liabilities hence the need for HUGE BALLS!

There you have it… It’s a simple process and one that WILL work. So go and start laying the correct score.

What do you think?

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